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Humidity & Temperature (2G/GSM PTA Approved)

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GSM 3G Temperature Humidity Environment

GSM SMS environment alarm for remote monitoring of temperature, humidity and power status through wireless GSM network. When temperature, humidity and voltage exceed high threshold or low threshold value, it will send SMS alert to 10 pre-set mobile phone instantly.

GSM environment alarm can be used for solar energy monitoring, DC voltage monitoring, temperature monitoring,

Humidity monitoring, classroom, general room, waiting room, hospital, stations, fresh food warehouse, office, meeting room, laboratory, library and anywhere you need temperature monitoring or temperature control in the expected range. 


1. It can be operated from anywhere, there is no distance limit;

2. There are no charges for calls for inquiries. GSM environment alarm rejects the call from the authorized number and then returns on site

temperature, humidity and voltage in the first loop;

3. Multiple applications. (Temperature, humidity, power condition, dc voltage);

4. Up to 10 authorized phone numbers can be used, 5 numbers can be used to receive calls or SMS, 5 numbers can be used for calling and SMS

during alarm

5. Temperature and humidity sensor input, measures temperatures from -40-80°C, accuracy 0.5°C,

Relative humidity from 0-99RH%, accuracy 3%%;

6. Monitoring the status of external AC power, AC power on/off will send SMS to authorized phone numbers;

7. Inbuilt MCU monitoring DC input voltage value, measurement range 9-24VDC, no extra sensor needed to save cost;

8. Timer-Can setup report every x hours automatically sends its status/value to authorized numbers;

9. Support reading historical data remotely via SMS;

10. Rechargeable backup battery inside can last 8 hours;

11. Safe-Use caller ID and password for identification, unknown callers are ignored;

12. Programmable by SMS commands or applications with password protection;

13. Based on GSM network, applied to many applications.


GSM Environment Alarm RTU5023 X 1,

GSM antenna X 1,

Backup battery x 1 (inbuilt),

AC/DC Adapter (12V1A) X1,

User Manual X 1.

AM2301 Temperature Humidity Sensor 1m*1


·        output contact numbers : 10

·        video interface : no

·        Display : no

·        Alarm type : SMS

·        Size : 70x88x30mm

·        Model Number : RTU5023

·        Keyboard password : no

·        Armament type : App

·        communication interface : wireless

·        area number : 1

·        Temperature alarm range : -40 ~ +80 centigrade

·        Humidity alarm range : Relative humidity 0~90% (condensation free)

·        GSM Environment Alarm Antenna : 50 Ω SMA Antenna interface

·        SIM Card : Supporting 3V SIM Card

·        power consumption : 12V input Max. 50mA/Average30mA

·        DC Power supply : 9~24VDC, recommend 12VDC1A

·        Backup Battery : 900mAH, last 8hours

·        Application : for remote monitor onsite temperature, humidity, power status

·        Name : GSM 3G Environment Alarm

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Tayyaba Ashraf

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Great product. Delivered on time as committed over phone. Working fine afternoon configuration.